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Nice, my brother owns an LC9S, and it's a sweet little gun.

Ruger has been doing this sort of thing a lot lately, they discontinue a product, then for awhile it comes back as a distributor exclusive, then it sells so well as a distributor exclusive that Ruger puts it back into full production. The same exact same thing happened with the SR Series and the Ruger American Pistol series, although the former seems to have since been discontinued yet again.

I honestly think the Ruger just prices their firearms a bit too high at launch so they don't sell, then they discontinue the line and the price is reduced to sell off the stock, but then everyone buys them at the reduced prices and begins singing their praises, which in turn causes demand to increase, so distributors special order more to meet demand, they continue to sell steadily, and Ruger brings them back. If only they'd learn that they just can't get away with selling their new guns for the same prices as Smith & Wesson, let alone Glock, then their pistols would likely be successful right out the gate.

Personally, I didn't mind the EC9S, and for the price, I think I'd sooner get the EC9S just the same. Unless they're offering the LC9S with a Stainless Steel barrel/slide now.
Besides, aren't the sights on the LC9S ridiculously difficult to adjust or replace, or am I mistaken?

Either way, I ultimately ended up getting an LCP because I wanted the absolute smallest, lightest pistol I could carry at the time, and now it serves as my BUG.
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