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Charter Arms totally missed the boat with their new 40 cal revolver... why would anyone build a rimless cartridge revolver if not for quick reloads (moon-clips).
Many Charter buyers are not "gun people". These folks are attracted to a small gun that takes a powerful, large-caliber cartridge that's readily available at Wal-Mart. These buyers don't have fantasies of reloading with lightning speed like Jerry Miculek; they would potentially be turned off by having to fidget with moon clips, particularly the process of removing spent cases without bending the clips.

Speaking of which, remember that bent moon clips can cause function problems that few non-shooters have the knowledge or patience to resolve- the same problems which prompted many enthusiast shooters to adopt the .45 Auto Rim cartridge in place of .45ACP when using earlier moon clip revolvers!
You may want to check out the M310 Nightguard, moon-clip revolver for 40 S&W/10mm, which gives the handloader a lot of versatility.
The M310 is a big and expensive gun built on S&W's full-size N frame; it's NOT aimed at the same market segment as the Charter.
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