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My #2 Pet is a little Sako Forester .243. 19" barrel. Seven pounds, "fully dressed". Regularly and reliably, five-shot groups of 5/8 to 3/4 MOA.

I used it in a culling program, way back when, and through the years tagged a couple of dozen bucks.

I will say that after a walking hunt of three to five miles, it wasn't nearly as tiring as my #1 Pet, a 9.5-pound '06.

If all you do is sit in a stand, weight is pretty much irrelevant. Just realize that from a Bambi-need standpoint, there's no advantage to a heavy barrel over a light sporter: The key is the consistency for point of impact of the first shot. If you have that, a "buggy whip" barrel is plenty good.

Nowadays, though, since my legs went and got old, my preference is my 700 Ti in 7mm08. 6.5 pounds, fully dressed.
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