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What one carry's a field to hunt game with is by choice. Unlike the Service. As far as a heavy weapon being more accurate perhaps if the game is standing perfectly still. But under most hunting situations one can't count on a game animal standing perfectly still for its hunter to make his/her best shot. So to be best equipped for those either situation. A lighter weight rifle is usually preferred. You have to remember those who shoot for recreation or otherwise long distance's. Are shooting at a distant target that's stationary with their weapon being supported in some fashion. Shooting at moving target with some degree of accuracy is much more difficult to accomplish. And requires more than just a heavy accurate rifle. It requires instinctive eye to hand coordination. Since you live in MN. Try climbing to the top of one of those big Ore Dumps seen outside of Hibbing Virginia or Grand Rapids city limits with a heavy rifle. Perhaps then you'll come to know why so many prefer a lighter weapon in the field. I would say the climb is much more difficult to accomplish than a 1 or 2 mile stroll thru the woods.

If you don't have to carry a rifle a long ways, wouldn't there be advantages to a heavier rifle?
Absolutely not. But there are those who feel differently and are quite willing to comment their scenario why there is a need too.

frankly it seems like most people don't want to walk 100 yards beyond their trucks. I see some guys parking their vehicles immediately below their stands even.
I wish I could too. But I have to drive my ATV 4-wheeler to my stand instead in the cold and rain occasionally.
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