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Maybe I can add a bit to what Harley wrote. There were four Astra copies of the Mauser C.96. All had sideplates and used pins to hold the parts. Mauser prided itself on not having any pins and only one screw - the grip screw.

The Astra 900 was a semi-auto with a fixed 10 rd. magazine; the 902 was a semi-auto with a fixed 20 rd. magazine; the 903 was selective fire, with a detachable 20 rd. magazine; and the Model F was a refined version, also selective fire with a detachable magazine.

All were available with wood holster stocks, the same as the Mauser. Most of the export models were in 7.63 Mauser, but most domestic guns were in 9mm Bergman-Bayard, which the Spanish call the 9mm Largo (Long).

In addition to Astra, two other Spanish makers sold Mauser copies. These were Zulaica & Co. who made a pistol called the Royal which was marketed by Beistegui Brothers, and Eulogio Arostegui who made pistols called the Azul and Super Azul. The latter were actually close copies of the Mauser, made the same way.

The Astras are fairly uncommon and the others very rare.

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