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I'll second GodBlessAmerica and say glad you and your family are ok. I had a sorta similar incident a couple weeks ago where I was at work (I work nights) and my wife was at home on vacation. Around 1 in the morning she said someone started trying the doorknob on the front door. She went to the front door and looked out the peep hole. The guy at the door seemed rather confused and kept looking around, but kept trying the door handle. She grabbed her phone and was on the way to the bedroom to get my pistol when it stopped. She went back to the door and he was being let in the apartment across the hall. She told me this when I got home and we figured Friday night, guy was drunk had the wrong apartment, didn't think to knock or maybe our neighbor had told him just to come on in when he got there who knows. The things that bothered me was this 1.Had the door not been locked (which 99% of the time it is,even during the day) dude would have walked right in. 2. When she went to get my pistol she couldn't find it I had bought a holster the week previous and put it in my nightstand instead of the hard case under the bad and she didn't know. So after that we ran a drill of what she would do if someone ever REALLY tried to get in the apartment, but I was proud she got her phone and went for the gun. She's not big on guns, but she can shoot and knows what to do. Point of all this is saying I think in both these situations a little bit more preparedness would have helped if an attack was imminent. Best of luck to ya and be safe.
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