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First, let me say I am very thankful that none of you were hurt in this incident. Second, I like the title of your post; sounds like you are indeed learning a valuable lesson, and all the better, recognize the opportunity without having had to endure any tragedy. Third, I'll offer just a bit of advice and caution. As you replay this scenario (or other similar ones) in your mind and look for improvements, may I suggest that since your 96D is intended as your "go to " only loaded in case of emergency weapon, plan on going to it first every single time, and practice doing so under all conditions. Come what may after that (need to develop this plan further if you haven't), but at least then you will have your emergency, loaded pistol with you if needed. Now, as far as being prepared, I suggest you don't overeact and create a potentially dangerous situation down the road by having multiple, loaded weapons around that a soon-to-be toddler may find and pick up. I have more than a little experience here (father of four, two still in diapers) and am myself constantly evaluating best practices to keep defensive firearms available to me but away from little ones. Since you have a safe, utilize it to it's full potential, and if you need other smaller ones, get them. Yes, multiple safes can be expensive, but they offer more options and I haven't yet seen one that costs more than the life of a child. Stay safe, keep thinking, and you'll do OK.
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