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Factory magazines are wadcutter configured Metalform,
it would be instructive to know what make/config
gives flawless results.
IMHO I think this perticular problem has more to do with the follower in the factory mag than the make of the mag. I've tried name brand all the way to some generic 7rd GI mags I bought at a gun show for $5 a piece. I have no issues with any of them but as soon as I use the factory mag that came with it, I start to have the same problem as OP. For me it wasn't the rounds because the same rounds worked fine in the other mags. So that's why I say it might be the follower in the Kahr mags. I'm not sure why the follower is different. My solution might not work for everyone. All I know is my problem disappeared after I stopped using the Kahr mag.
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