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"...yet he ran another 50+ yards..." No handgun round is going to stop Yogi if he's PO'd at you and coming from under 100 yards in his tracks. Keeping in mind that he or she can cover 100 yards in less than 6 seconds. Neither will a varmint cartridge AR-15.
However, where you are has more to do with it than anything else. Not many Griz in the Lower 48 and a blackie doesn't need a magnum.
Up in Alaska, a .44 Mag(or the like) is considered minimum according to real guides on assorted forums.
A 10mm Auto is just a .45 ACP that got out of hand. It won't do anything other like cartridges will not.
Last I heard, big mountain kitties are hunted with .22 mags. Kitty comes from above and behind so you need to be lucky. You'll never be fast enough anyway.
"...revolver or semi-auto..." It has to fit your hand either way. Pistols like Desert Eagles are gigantic. 'N' frame Smiths, like a 629, are big things too. The SuperRedhawk has the same grip frame as a GP100 though. Still big, but far more likely to fit. Go try 'em on for size. Like AMP says, you got to hit it to do anything.
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