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BPNovum - "Armadillo" review...

GREAT stuff...

It made the internal cleaning of the barrel shroud on my ported Dan Wesson D-44 MUCH easier... (and I shot almost TWICE as many rounds as I have ever dared to without cleaning it...)

It seems that 90% of the crud that formerly collected in there doesn't get a hold on the metal, and blows on through out of the ports on the shroud... ALSO, though it took a bit of buffing, after I FINALLY got it polished out, what a wonderful shine it left on the almost black, and extremely shiny finish on my Dan Wesson's (I did the 15-2HV also)

My carry piece (now over a week without cleaning) isn't NEARLY as "linted up" as it should be... and seems a bit "slicker" out of the holster)

My Savage 110-E didn't like it, but that is because of the rough "spun" finish on the barrel... it was VERY hard to remove the excess product from the barrel surface...

Which brings us to my ONLY complaint... the stuff is a bit too "stiff" causing me to waste some while trying to apply it... ('twas a tad crumbly). I used a q-tip to apply it... and a lint-free rag to buff it... and because it is so "hard" a wax, it is a bit hard to buff...

because of the consistency, it buffed off with a bit of difficulty... now, if that "thick, dry" consistency is necessary for it to harden on the gun and do it's job, then so be it... I CAN live with it...

All in all, I WILL be purchasing some of it when it becomes available on the market, if for no other reason than the shine it gives that deep black "bluing" that I love so much... (my Contender barrels also wear this finish) and for the ease of cleaning it seems to provide my carry piece, and the internal shroud of the Dan Wesson!

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