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Cabela's sells a 10T-SR in 6.5mm CM that has a detachable mag.
I bought one about a year ago to take the load off my 12 LRP in 6.5mm CM with a HS Precision Stock and a Precision Target Accu-trigger that came from the factory at 10 oz.

The 10T-SR shoots accurately and performs almost as well as the heavier 12 LRP but it has a standard Accu-Trigger that I keep set at 2 lbs. and an Accu-Stock with a standard detachable mag - not the cheap mags with the plastic external release that are on the 11 VTs.

It isn't as cheap as the 12 FV or the bargain Remington - I paid $550 - but it preforms well.

My last Remington 700 needed a new trigger and stock just to get it to shoot under 0.5 inches at 100 yards.

The Savages did better than that right out of the box.
Bargains aren't always real bargains.
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