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Another option is the Rueger American Predator. You can get it in the old style rotart mags for 300-350. Threaded heavier contour ( not like the 12 FV but solid ) and the barrel actually is a near twin to the RPR barrels. The newer larger capacity AR mag using Predators are about 400. Out of the box they are proven shooters even with the less then ideal stock. A lot of DIY small mods can be made to it that save you money and get you shooting. Lots of aftermarket stock options are popping up to include chassis for them.
The 12 FV while not threaded can utilize a great Witt Machine clamp on muzzle device ( I have one on my 308 12 FV) and it is golden. Boyds has some great stocks and I think the Prairie Hunter model with the adjustable comb option is a very solid non chassis option that is well suited for long ranch shooting/bench work. The top feed is for sure a pain. There are modifications out there that allow it to convert to a mag feed though ( use some google-fu)

I am like you and enjoy finding the rough stuff and polishing it up slowly to shine. A final thought is to grab a barreled action from Brownells ( Howa 1500 ) They have a variety of options in the 6.5 Creed ranging from sporter non threaded to heavy threaded in all lengths. Pair it with a Onyx Chassis or the new Thumb-Hole AT ONE from Boyds and you have a very capable shooter on your hands. I say this cause I just built a Grendle Bolt build this way and I am having a grand time with it. The Creedmore is a very fun round to shoot/load for. PM me if you want to chat more and I can point you in the direction of some easy beginner loads that will get you started using commonly found powders/bullets/primers/brass. I love my 6.5 Creedmoor ( in the RPR model ) and it always makes an appearance at the range when I go.
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