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If you are looking at the Athlon Argos line make sure you grab the BTR versions. Turrets are good, the grease issue is easily fixed and the newer ones don't seem to have this issue ( Athlon listens to feedback and has shown very quick and eager to respond)

Feature wise as you noticed its amazing. Solid glass and shines up to 20x. After that it suffers the same as many up-in-comers and begins to wash out ( much like the Vortex Viper line and Gen 1 PSTs) Reticle selection is awesome and in both MiL and MoA. I got a 6x24 BTR in the MiL xmas tree style FFP to put on my 308 bench beast. It was my first MiL scope and it was a very pleasant surprise. It hasn't moved off its home and until I win the lotto it probably wont. I also acquired the non BTR version in SFP MOA in 5x30 ( I think ). Reticle is nice and clean, non xmas tree but I don't get the same warm fuzzy when I use it. Its construction is different from the BTR line and the chassis of it is not as appealing to me. Function wise it seems to be the same...Good up to 20x, turrets etc...just looks off to me. It is my backup scope and stop gap safe queen scope. Low Light performance on the NoN BTR is not anything special so I would be hesitant to use it on a normal hunting rifle. Good for Rimfire work above 100 though and I wouldn't hesitate to contribute to the reduction of Prarie Dogs during the day.
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