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The 6.5 CM uses very aerodynamic bullets in order to retain velocity down range. As a result muzzle velocity is less important. A 6.5 with a 20" barrel will retain enough velocity to be stable well over 1000 yards. A 308 on the other hand needs a 26" barrel to remain stable out to 1000 yards and it won't do it with shorter barrels, nor remain stable much beyond 1000 regardless of barrel length.

Not cheap, but the most accuracy you can buy for the dollar. Street price in blue is about $900, SS is about $1000. The 6.5 is available in 20 and 24" lengths. The barrels are threaded and it comes with a 10 round DBM.

The 20" barrels are more common and will still keep you in the game beyond 1000 yards with a 6.5. The 24" barrel only helps once you get well past 1000.
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