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I have an argos on a savage 10 in 223 and im very pleased with it, especially given the price point. I have 3 ffp scopes for comparison, a burris veracity 5-25, and a bushnell xrs2 4.5-30. I have only used at 100 yards so take this for whats its worth. Its clarity is very good all the way to the edges amd brightness is also very good, both all the way to 24x. It certainly places 3rd of the three ffp scopes i have but from a lens quality (at 100) its not that far from the burris. The tracking is excellent and very repeatable. Parallax is right on. Click adjustments are positive. The only gripes i have is it feels like a $350 scope, not as high quality as the others and its ugly. The lens caps are crap. Functionally its very good for the money. I would definitely buy again if i were in the market for something less expensive. I cant really speak to the durability as it rides a 223.
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