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The market for rifles is changing, and has been for about 20 years. Not too many years ago most rifle owners were hunters 1st. And many enjoyed also using their hunting rifles for informal target shooting.

Today the number of hunters has dropped dramatically, while the number of rifle owners has sky rocketed. The new shooters want a target rifle 1st, and those who still hunt would like for the same rifle to be suitable for hunting.

That is why the 6.5 CM has taken off. It is as good an all purpose cartridge as you can get, and it does stuff out of the box that can only be accomplished with rifles chambered in 6.5X55 or 260 after they have been modified and with custom loads that could not be safely fired in factory rifles.

I have no issue with any of the magnums, but the trend both for hunters and target shooters for the last couple of decades has been gravitating away from them. Better bullets have made more moderate cartridges like 6.5 CM, 7-08, 308, and even 243 much better options for big game hunting and they are in the game for target shooting out to 1000+ yards. Which is farther than 95% of shooters have the skills to use. Probably 90% of us have no place to shoot far enough to NEED anything larger than the 308 based cartridges.

I think it is natural for some shooters to reach the point where 500 yard shots are mundane and to want to shoot farther. And if someone has the skills, and a place to shoot them the big 30 caliber magnums will allow shooters to go even longer. I can see a niche market to sell enough of them to keep the round alive. But don't anticipate a huge demand.
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