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This is Athalon Argos. Ectched reticle in glass and Argon purged. I think that’s same stuff Leupold uses. It’s a 6.5x20x50. I was just buying a new trigger for my 10-22 and the Leupold vx3i cds is 499. It’s 4.5x14x40. Duplex reticle. Worries me it has no adjustable objective it being over 10 power. Only reason I considered the Athlon is it’s from Amazon where I could return it. Still Leary of one I can’t look through. I do like the reticle since it looks a lot like the one on my Nightforce shv. I didn’t think of crosshairs getting larger in ffp. Making me reconsider. Maybe back to Vortex or something else with more magnification.
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