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In this case, there's no need to wonder- I'm right.

Brasslite is an advertising term that Henry came up with long ago to use for the rimfires.
There is no "brass" in the receiver.
And Brasslite is meaningless, since there's no such thing.

The info I gave you came directly from the manager of the Wisconsin Henry plant.
Today, Henry's a little more open about their processes.

The coating that goes over the nickel plating derives its shine from the high polish on that nickel plating shining through.
What's in the coating to provide the "gold" tone, they don't give out.
Since the coating technically is "clear" enough to let that nickel shine through the gold coloring, I suppose you MIGHT call it a clear coat, but it isn't really clear as we use the term.

The "silver" versions use the exact same Zamak 5 diecast receiver & cover, and the same nickel plating, highly polished.
They just omit the gold-colored coat.

I have a raw upper & lower rimfire receiver set here, as they come straight out of the "oven". They are both a dull grey, similar to lead.

I've published photos of them, as a part of an article on how Henry makes those receiver parts.
They were sent to me by Henry, for publication.

The information used in that article, with the full knowledge & contribution of Andy Wickstrom, manager, Wisconsin plant, was what I gave you here.

And I'll repeat- whatever the composition of that gold coating is, it's EXTREMELY durable.
If you do somehow manage to scrape on down through it, as I accidentally did on the barrel band in one spot from extended abrasion with steel during one transport, you'll get down to the silver plating and/or the base Zamak 5 under it all.

You can't wear the coating off & then get any type of "brass" patina, since there's no brass under that coating.

Edited To Add: This was all written up in Guns Of The Old West Magazine, Issue # 93, if you want to dig it up.

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