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I'd personally prefer a patina over the bright brass on the centerfires.

The "brass" rimfire leverguns are Zamak 5 as the base material, plated with nickel, highly polished, then that "gold" finish is applied.

That much I can get from the Wisconsin plant manager, but the exact composition of the gold coating is proprietary & they don't give it out.

You will not wear through any "clearcoat" on those "brass" rimfires.
There isn't one.
And that gold coating is extremely durable, will not tarnish with handling.

I couldn't wear ANY of it off the receiver during the 28,000-round endurance run on my Golden Boy, through a LOTTA handling, both with bare hand and a glove.

The brass alloy used on the brass centerfires is solid, and it's not a traditional brass mixture. It's a metals formulation designed for much greater strength.
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