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Originally Posted by BusGunner007 View Post
Thanks, Gentlemen.

When I [fired it], the ----eating grin I was hoping for appeared!
Once I fired it, I knew I was holding something that required respect and was to be used with 'intent'.

I'd already bought and traded a 700 BDL-DM in .338. On advice from a former idiot friend.
While I admire that cartridge, my 700 7-Rem.Mag seemed about the same recoil wise, so I was underwhelmed.

If a gun could talk I imagined this one telling me, "if you do not fear me, I will do your bidding".
I ripped off 3 shots first time and just went, "WOW!"
As I said, it's much easier to make recommendations when you know the purpose of the rifle. Since owning a rifle with prodigious recoil was your apparent goal, I'd say the 375 RUM is perfect.
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