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I enjoy the 45-70 quite a bit . My hand loads are easy on the shoulder and still put deer meat in the freezer. The Remington 405 grain factory load is about what I try to duplicate in velocity or power but buying the factory ammo is well expensive in comparison to most popular medium game calibers. Of course the power level can be increased to take down bigger game but I have no desire for my needs.
I've been shooting the 45-70 in numerous rifles for several years now and I reload and keep meticulous records on results. It is extremely difficult to develop a load that shoots better than the Rem factory 405g load. It will shoot 1moa out of my 1885 (scoped) off the bench for five shots most times and if not, only a couple of tenths over. I have yet to recover even one bullet out of a dozen or so deer shot with it. If you're not going to be shooting in volume, and don't find load development a recreational activity, just start with them and you can kill anything in N. America with them.
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