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Thanks, Gentlemen.
I bought this rifle years ago. Ammo when I could find it. Ended up with 5 or 6 boxes at about $60 each.
Now it's really hard to find at over $100 a box!
Because of surgery, I had to wait a while before I could shoot it.
When I did, the ----eating grin I was hoping for appeared!
Once I fired it, I knew I was holding something that required respect and was to be used with 'intent'.

I'd already bought and traded a 700 BDL-DM in .338. On advice from a former idiot friend.
While I admire that cartridge, my 700 7-Rem.Mag seemed about the same recoil wise, so I was underwhelmed.
The .375 H&H was my Holy Grail, but I couldn't put that together with pushfeed, so when the .375 RUM came out I said, 'of course!'

Once I fired that combination, I had the same grin and feeling I had when I fired my 7.
Everybody said, 'get a Winchester 70 in .30-06', when at that time I wanted the Savage 110FP in .308, like the one in Guns & Weapons for Police magazine. I would've been shooting 2 years earlier had I not confused myself with advice.
The 7 was at a sporting goods store on a layover and I bought it, much to the chagrin of my 'advisors'.
As I said, it was worth the grin!

Much as the instant dinosaur. 375 RUM...there was no regret in my contrary choice.
If a gun could talk I imagined this one telling me, "if you do not fear me, I will do your bidding".
I ripped off 3 shots first time and just went, "WOW!"

So, I bought 2 Rem.Mag. rifles that made me 'happy'.
Still have 3+ boxes of the .375 ammo...and the brass.

Your insight was fantastic and I appreciate it very much.

Next project, now that I have all the parts, is to change my Marlin 1895. 45-70 into the wood & blues SBL not offered by the mfg.
Unconventional seems to be my MO.
"...if you're not havin' fun, you're workin'..."
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