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I could be wrong,but I believe it is a Zastava. They were made in Yugoslavia.

Remington either bought the rights or the factory,I don't know.But the 798 is a commercial Mauser action sold by Remington.

I suspect Remington figured out it would cut Rem 700 sales.My tastes would prefer a 798.

How long they been making them?That "98" is from 1898. A while.

The 1898 Mauser is a pattern.A Design. Blueprints and production tools.Its been made a number of places, The FN in Belgium.Santa Barbara,Spain.

Parker Hale.BSA,Maybe Britain. You will see differences in fit and finish.I do not have experience with how Remington built them.

FN,Browning, Mark 10,JC Higgins,etc,all use the receiver design.So did the Germans and several other armies.

IMO,for a hunting rifle,its one of the best ever made.

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