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I though I remember Remington saying the that the front of the bolt lip expands and seal itself and prevents gas from coming back to your eyes.(during a blow up) fwiw.
I had a serious case failure in a model 600 Remington (due to my own stupidity), and gas did hit me in the cheek. I think a model 700 would be the same, under the same conditions.

As far as the strongest? does it really matter? The model 600 I nearly blew up survived somewhere between 90-100,000 psi, according to the signs on the case. I was told at the time that Remington proof tests to 80,000psi. Seems to me that claiming to be the strongest, based on blow up limits is foolish.

If you test and the action lets go at 90K and you test another and it lets go at 97K or 112K, technically its stronger, but practically, its a moot point, I think.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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