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I'd rad somewhere years ago that to prove the strength of the MK V action, Roy Weatherby shoved a 30 cal bullet up the barrel of a 300 Weatherby and fired a factory 300 Weatherby behind it,,,,from the shoulder. Now I find that abb but impossible to believe. Even if it were true, I strongly suspect the barrel would have blown. Bring's to mind, what good an action that's good to 80K if the barrel isn't? Although I think it was Ackley that tested the Savage rifle up to 80K. Wonder what that did to the barrel? Imagine some guy showing you his rifle with the barrel blown open like a banana smiling because the action held together!
The Mark V has been tested way past 80K psi.
A bull barrel will handle the pressure to do the test.
Just for discussion, I saw a 270 WSM Squibb shot and then numbscull racked another round in and fired. It bulged the standard sported barrel, but not much. App. 1/8" for 3" long.
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