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Thanks hammie. There's no hurry. I'm waiting on Warne scope mounts to use my Warne vertical rings. Plus I'm working up some loads.

As an aside, I emailed the gun's serial number to Remington to find out what it is. One person assumed since it's a blind magazine rifle that it's an ADL. That's cool, cause it's a smooth action and all, even though there's no record of Remington making a stainless left handed ADL.

But the Remington Customer Service department said it's a model 700 KS Mountain Rifle. It was manufactured in 2002.

What's "KS" stand for? Remington's online description also says the trigger is adjustable. How does that work?

Also, in that time frame, based on my googlefoo, it's likely a Brown Precision stock. It looks exactly like their gray stock.

But I wonder if there was a particular Brown Precision stock they used? Mostly I wonder if it's the Kevlar.............

Again, thanks for the responses.
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