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@Foghorn: I think you forgot to add that the j-locks can also cause male pattern baldness.

In 2002, I bought two Remington 700's: a .221 rem fireball, and a .308 5R tactical. Both had j-locks. That's pretty much all I can say for sure. I think the j-lock fad only lasted a few years and current production guns no longer have them. I went to the present Remington web site and it did not show or mention the Remington ISS (integrated security system) for the 700's.

I replaced both j-locks with PTG firing pin assemblies (now about 70$ each from midway), and I'm completely happy with them. I didn't like the aesthetics of the ISS, the kinked spring, and the idea of the rifle being unusable if inadvertently locked, key lost, or locked through a malfunction.

You can also just replace the firing pin assembly with a Remington non ISS assembly. At one time, David Tubb offered a non-ISS replacement, but I couldn't find it on his current web site.
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