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The .308 being "more accurate" than the .30-06 is "true", studies prove it, but its also a bunch of crap when taken to mean each (and every) .308 is more accurate than each and every .30-06, which is simply not true.
But, people do it, anyway.

Yes, if your sample size is large enough, you could find one more accurate than the other, over the group of combined rifles, but while that would be a valid result mathematically, it doesn't mean anything about the rifle in your hands. Might mean something about the potential of the rifle in your hands, but the cartridge used is only one factor among the large number of factors that determine how accurate a given rifle is.

All those factors combine differently in every individual gun.

And remember there is a difference between measurable, and a significant.
It goes without saying that the discussion was in the context of "All other things being equal."
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