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Originally Posted by briandg View Post
can you explain for me the reason for straight wall only? Other than the obviously lower velocity and hence range, I could never think of anything.
For many years Ohio was shotgun only for deer. Some time back they allowed handguns with the legally defined ammunition being .35 caliber or larger and a straight walled case. Three years ago they allowed rifles "in pistol calibers" with the same legal definition. Therefore any straight walled cartridge .35 caliber or larger is considered legal. This opened up a whole array of legal ammunition that probably were never used in pistols such as 45-90, 45-110, 50-70, 50-90, 50-110 and others, The 50-AE, 480 Ruger, 444 Marlin, 460, 500 S&W are also legal. The 44-40 is not - slight bottleneck. To the firearm knowledgeable folks it makes no sense but it makes hunting much more interesting.
I have carried a Marlin 1895 in 45-70 for the last 3 years in Northwest Ohio loaded with Hornady 300gr HP bullets on top of 49gr of 3031. It worked well on my last hunt in Pennsylvania.

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