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All the way down is for close range, all the way up is for long range. In between is for intermediate ranges. EXACTLY where it is zeroed is determined by the load and bullet weight you choose. And to a certain extent by how you hold the rifle. It won't be exactly the same for 2 different people.

You're going to just have to shoot it and see. I'd set the elevator so that it was zeroed at about 75 yards with the ammo I intended to use. At closer ranges it won't be off enough to matter and at ranges out to 100-125 you won't need much, if any holdover to hit big game. If you want shoot farther more experimenting will be needed. If you change to another bullet weight, or even different manufacturer it might be off enough to need readjustment. Might be close enough. But you have to shoot it to find out.
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