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I haven't fact checked every single statement in this article, but it gets the main reasons right. Less drift, less drop, and less recoil. I reload for the 260 Rem so I haven't checked the prices of Match 6.5C ammo, but I'd be shocked if there was any appreciable difference between the two. The ballistics don't lie.. the farther the target is away, the more advantage it will have over the .308.

If you are mathematically minded, here is a page that I'm not smart enough to fully understand:

I know people love to hate the cartridge, but it really is a fantastic offering for long range work. I chose the 260 Rem because it shoots the same bullet about 50 FPS faster, so IMO it should have gained the notoriety over the 6.5C. Add that to Remington's long list of mis-steps, but that's a conversation for another post.

As a medium game hunting cartridge its perfectly capable, but so are the other 519,399 cartridges out there. There's no reason to buy it as a hunting cartridge if you already have a hunting rifle (unless you just want another rifle.. and I'm on board with that).

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