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Longshot, nothing fancy, on both my RAP 204 & 223 RAP (Ruger American Predator) I used the DPMS brake for an AR

I use the same Brake only for an AR10 on my RAP 6.5 CM and my Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 CM.

I dont shoot without ear protection while shooting targets, gongs or prairie dogs. But, though I should, I dont use them hunting Deer, Antelope, ETC. I normally have ear flaps and or a hood on cause its nippy when I hunt. I havent had any ill effects that I noticed.

Now the Brake on my 375 H&H would be noticeable without hearing protecting, I have protection on while hunting with that rifle.

Only shot my braked 300 WM at targets and gongs, I dont hunt with it.

Oh, and I also put one of those DPMS on my 16 in. AR. Havent hunted with it but I'm gonna assume it wouldnt be different then my 223 RAP.

I just got back from shooting my RAP 6.5 at steel from 100 to 1100 yards. At distance its hard to tell if that little 6.5 bullet hits steel without a brake, but I was able to see the gong swinging after hit at 1100.
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