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Any noticible change from factory degrades value.
If the gun was used and is so worn as to justify restoring, it has no collector value anyway. Collectors want rifles that are pristine. That's why there is such a lucrative market in "unfired" Model 70s even though many of them are fakes.

About two years ago, I picked up a pre-war Model 70 action and decided to build my own "unfired" pre-war Model 70 (but with enough subtle changes that a collector can tell). Rebarreled, restocked, rust blued, even got an original Model 70 buttplate and sling swivels and a pre-war Weaver scope and Stith mount. Turned out nice! So I say go ahead and make yourself a Model 70! But you will likely put more money into building a restored rifle than you would pay for an original. I know I did!
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