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Tikka T3x Lite 6.5

Everome on here that knows me knows I’m a Tikka nut. Got a few in several calibers and a CTR in a 6.5. Picked up a Tikka light in 6.5 today. Hoping to get it zeroed in and maybe finish deer season with it and park the 7-08 for a few weeks. Really wanted it to take some lighter bullets without a lot of weight and take out a bunch of coyotes throughout the spring and summer. Trail cam has more pictures and videos of coyote than deer. Thinking a 120 grain Barnes or Nosler Ballistic tip for it. All my other guns are capable but it sure looked and felt a lot lighter than the heavy barrel Varmint rifles I’ve got. Just a Tikka nut I guess. Was great finding out with the Hornady comparator that the shoulders and oal of my ctr are perfect for the t3 light. I can reload for both the same depending on powder charges and a little testing.
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