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My question is WHY would you deliberately select a bolt-action rifle up front as your go-to for home defense?
Close to two years ago I was asked to clean out the shop of a friend, He was a master gun smith, a better machinist and a better welder. Among the rifles he gave me was an Argentine 1891, I thought it was a BM 7.65mm53. After I checked it out it turned into a 308 W.

My intent was to put it back to the 7.65mm53 BM so I let it be know I needed some parts for the 91 Argentine Mauser. When collecting all of the parts I found I had 3 shotgun barrels. I called my friend to let him know I was wrong about the chamber in the rifle. I asked him what he used it for; he said he used it for a loaner, he said when someone showed up without a rifle to hunt with he loaned them the Argentine 91 rifle.

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