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My question is WHY would you deliberately select a bolt-action rifle up front as your go-to for home defense?
I wouldn't purposely pick a bolt action for a HD gun. But my situation might pick it for me. Maybe by law I can't own a handgun or a long gun with a box mag or rifle that held more than 5 rounds. Then a bolt action would be put in to service.

Or if my financial situation made it so all I could afford was a shotgun, 22 rifle and one deer hunting gun. I started out in that situation when I moved out of my parents house at 18. I had a double barrel 12ga shotgun that was a birthday gift at 10 and a Winchester model 190 I bought when I was 16-17. My first gun purchase. I kept both of those loaded and if I would have owned a bolt action it would have been loaded and ready to go also. Two years later I was married and those same two guns did the job. It was two years after that that I got my first hand gun and deer rifle. A bolt action. And would have used it if needed.

If I found a Destroyer 9mm rifle and the ammo that it takes I might have that stashed around the house too. Even now and thats with all the other 80 or so guns I already own. Its not like firing a high intensity bottle neck round.
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