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As I said- if you don't take HD seriously enough to provide yourself with a serious HD tool, then you're FORCED to use whatever you've got.
Hence the constant use on screen of the intrepid hubby responding to a noise-in-the-night with his trusty baseball bat or 9 iron.
Or in the case of an actual gun owner, a deer rifle.

Those are deliberate cases of "I don't care enough to take my home defense seriously to bother getting a REAL home defense gun."

We're talking here about making a bolt-action rifle the first choice, as part of a conscious effort to make THAT choice in the face of so many better alternatives, while there's time enough to GET a better alternative, and money to PAY for a better alternative.

And, as with the PC thing mentioned earlier, I don't do "rotation".
I choose the best tool for the job & stick with it.
That includes concealed everyday handgun & dedicated HD gun.

I ALWAYS know how to run those even half awake, I don't have to stop & think about how the gun of the day functions, and I do NOT select ANY defensive tool "just for the change", or for its novelty value.

A life-saving shield is not a matter of buying a gun because you like it, and THEN deciding to MAKE it work for SD or HD.
It should be the most efficient tool you can find, based on your situation & your ability to run it well.

If local law offers restrictions, then you do what you have to do.
Otherwise, I remain baffled at the deliberate choice to handicap yourself, IF you CAN do better.

PC & emotion should not apply.
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