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If you live in a restricted environment where a good semi-auto rifle is not feasible, then I fully understand that you have to go with what you have.

A rifle in general is typically not the most efficient tool to use in interior home defense because it's long & bulky, but a bolt-action usually adds slow speed to that equation with little practical advantage over a handgun.

Using a rifle with a scope adds further handicap.

To be clear:
My comments are not intended to generate a debate over which specific gun is better for HD, they are very simply expressing bafflement over why anybody would choose a longer gun that's distinctly un-handy for such use, and a slower-to-fire action type, with a limited magazine capacity, over something more efficient.

In that role, I don't include "something different" or something "as PC looking as possible" among the list of selection criteria on a tool I bet my life on.
I want the most EFFICIENT tool for the job.

And I remain baffled over the selection of a bolt-action rifle as such a tool.
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