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I think the 6.5 Creedmor is here to stay like the 300 WSM.

The PRC chamberings are cool, but they have not really answered the why question for me...Will this precision rifle fad stay, or pass, especially long range? Are they better at something else?

The real issue today and moving forward it we are learn how to get more out of a cartridge design through new bullet materials and new bullet designs. Trouble is, if I make a new 308 with a drastically different throat and all I. A gun that handles 80000 psi, how do I keep people from putting it in a 50000 psi gun?

These kinds of issues like 300 bo in a 5.56 nato or hot 30’06 in an M1.

Or do we have to make the 80000 psi guns with a new 0.490 case head? Today, cartridge designers are doing this.

Think about the 6.5x55. It is an amazing hunting round easily capable of a 140gr 6.5 bullet at 2800 FPS. Many of the guns can handle that well. 2 things hurt this. One, some guy with a Swedish Mauser May drop that round in it. Two, nobody will make a medium action length for it. So, we have 264 win mag, 260 rem, 6.5x284, ....

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