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Its probably been over thirty years since I read the story in,I believe,Gun Digest. It may have been a JM Pyne story.It had to do with a family scene in a backwoods cabin,and a car showing up with a couple of armed gangster types on the run.
The situation deteriorated to a hostage scenario.
Problem for the bad guys was The Old Man,who had a 32-40 single shot . And he was an accomplished offhand marksman. As I recall,the bad guys "lost their minds" suddenly.
I recall reading the book "Unimtended Consequences" where a single shot bolt .22 made the character "armed" and he was effective
The Peckenpah movie "Straw Dogs"illustrates its not about what gun you have.

Wyosmith already said it well. Your mind is your primary weapon.

As you are selecting your SD tool,you might consider scenarios that you are surprised and off balance. What is the storage situation for your bolt gun?

How quickly can you react? I recall a 3 AM situation when I was sound asleep.The quickest ammo access I had was a few 20 ga shells so the gun of choice was my SKB SxS. The frantic woman at my front door said my likely foe was her husband ,armed with a knife. Then she asked what the shotgun was for.

At this point,you have the luxury of choosing your primary tool. Use your mind well.

For a number of reasons,I don't think the old Remington Over/Under derringer is the best choice for a SD handgun. If you are slammed to the ground by someone bent og killing you,the Rem Derringer you have on your person may be better than the MP-5 in the gunsafe.
I suppose if you can manage the lifestyle of an infantry rifleman,and lay your rifle on the table as you enjoy your breakfast and have a SD plan.

All things considered,the handgun you wear like your wallet and keys is probably your best primary SD gun..Many folks choose a small,light 9mm. If you want to back that up with the long gun of your choice,great.

If that is an Arctic Warrior in 338 Lapua,the after shoot investigation might be interesting.

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