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Though I have a very nicely sporterized Model of 1917 Eddystone in the safe, it's one I'd never think of as a home defense arm. But if it's all you have...(besides a WWI vintage 1911 for backup, and a trench knife)

This video has always impressed me, and a lefty to boot! Rifle, handgun and "Doughboy" attired. This guy's good, and using maybe the most (one of, undoubtedly) unwieldy of bolt-action rifles ever mass produced (IMO). I certainly do love mine as a hunting rifle.

The old Brit .303 has most always been considered the best bolt-action battle rifle through small arms history the way I understand it. 10 quick shots, and a time-proven and very effective round. Maybe the No.5 Mk.1, "Jungle Carbine," for fast handling as you jump out of bed @ 3a.m.?
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