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Sorry for reopening a dead thread (last post was about a month and a half ago), but I'm currently shopping for a home defense carbine and this thread popped up...

I think what most people answering here have missed is how specialized you can go with a bolt action rifle. Not all are long range or high powered hunting rifles.

Many people, myself included, are fans of revolver caliber lever rifles as home defense guns. They are light and handy, and while not great, the 8-10 rounds of the typical mag isn't terrible. Other people are big fans of loud, heavy recoiling, low capacity shotguns for home defense.

Well, I'm strongly considering a bolt action scout style rifle for home defense. In .223 you don't have to worry too much about overpenetration (hence the popularity of the AR and similar carbines for HD). Something like the Ruger Scout or Mossberg MVP Patrol have useful iron sights. Both have 10 round detachable mags for a decent round count and easy reloads. The Ruger American Predator and the Mossberg MVP use cheap, plentiful AR mags which can be had with a pretty decent capacity if you wish. I'm thinking a scout type rifle with irons or a low power scope, or the American Predator and MVP with more standard scope placement but a suitable low power scope or red dot scope, would work quite well for home defense.

It is definitely on my radar (along with more conventional choices like the lever rifle, M1 Carbine, and Mini-14) for my HD carbine.
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