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The Mossberg is not a bad rifle for what it was designed for. I have 2, an early model 100 atr in 243 and a later model 100 atr in 270 with the fluted barrel, and adjustable trigger. My son has hunted with the 243 now for about 10 years, and has bagged quite a few deer, and 1 hog, with it. I purchased the 270 as a loaner rifle, since I didn't want to lend out my browning a-bolt or rem 700 rifle, which is what I normally use to hunt with. I did bag a doe with the 270 this year just to try it out since it sat in my safe unused for 3 years. There capable of good accuracy with good scopes. I'm partial towards Mossbergs. I don't like the savage axis receivers or their stocks. Good luck in your choice.
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