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Right out of the USAMU Sniper Guide for LE.

The countersniper is a hunter and must use any and all tricks of the trade to assure a proper hit. The lives of his fellow officers and that of the general public are at stake. Time is extremely critical, therefore, he can ex-CENSORED-pect to be required to make shots at varying angles and distances on a split second's notice. The hunt-CENSORED-ing of varmints such as woodchucks and crows provides outstanding training because the techniques in-CENSORED-volved are almost identical.
I've taught both military and LE sniping schools, the above will give you about the best practice you can come up with.

One other exercise I liked to use, and found useful. Take a sheet of plywood and cut a window in it. Take it out at varying distances. Tie two different color balloons in the window, loose enough that they can blow around. Designate on color as the hostage, the other as the bandit.

It isn't easy as it sounds. You can also buy glass pains to attach to your window to study glass deflection.

Never underestimate the value of rifle competition. I've had students who only shot what they had to, to remain certified, and those who competed in any and all types of rifle competition they could, you wouldn't believe in the difference in their abilities.

Most important, Keep a Log Book of every shot you fire. Record EVERYTHING, every change you make, the weather, everything. Its been said "if a fly comes by and burps, record it".
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