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I assume DM/O means "designated marksman/observer" which fulfill the same roles as sniper/spotter. I have no practical experience with LE, but rather adequate experience with military snipers and SDM training programs.

First, the biggest difference between LE and Military is target size and distance. LE is smaller and closer focused. The "sweet spot" for police sharpshooting based on historical engagement data is between 50 and 150 yards (or meters equivalent). If every member on your team doesn't have the dope in their data book to conduct a 1st round hit on a tennis ball at 50 to 150 in 10 yard increments, that is where I would start.

Remember I'm coming at this from a military background where the focus is on putting the majority of your training into the majority of your mission profile.

It is hard to add real world stress to training, so we often substitute competitive stress.

But a good way to train is to put a couple different colored tennis balls on the range at unknown distances in the sweet spot, and see how quickly the DM/O teams can accurately range, then successfully engage, every target. This gives each time two things to measure, time spent and total rounds fired. You can then display each teams performance so that teams can start addressing areas where they were slow, or needed more proficiency.

If you want to practice a multiple shooter/multiple target scenario, you give each team a different colored ball, a minute to calculate the shot, and then a shoot on command. Any team that misses their shot is eliminated from competition but they still go through the training, until you have a winning team or a tie.

The end goal is every team is 100% confident that they can make a first round hit under stressful conditions, and they have total confidence in their partners ability to do their job.

I hope this is helpful.

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