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PD snipers aren't trained the same way as military snipers. And don't need to be. PD snipers aren't really snipers at all, anyway. They're sharp shooters. Different thing. You don't have to slither through the local flora, in mud, without being seen to a shooting position. You find a spot on or in a building with a clear line of sight. If you're seen going there or being there, you don't get shot.
Suggest you read all your local after action reports/analysis', assuming there are any(If not, start doing it.) and work up a training plan to cover any unforeseen issues.
What you need is an unknown distance(likely not very long either), multiple level/angle range. Probably using IPSC/IDPA style hostage targets. No idea if that even exists, anywhere. Never mind NJ.
Might be doable with minimum budget with ladders or scaffolding, etc., on whatever range you're shooting on now. No money means you need to be creative.
One assumes there are 5 scoped rifles.
Spelling and grammar count!
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