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First find out what the class requires in terms of ammo.
There might be plenty of time to fill magazines during the class.
400 rounds of rifle. There will be time to fill magazines during class.

An extra mag or two on your belt, or even in the back pocket might be all that's needed.
I plan on shooting this course with my existing belt, holster, and handgun magazine carrier. I do not live in a high risk environment and in all probability, heaven forbid, if I need a gun... It will be my handgun that I always carry. I do not want to train with something that I wont or cannot use. I do not plan on adding a rifle magazine pouch to a belt with a pistol and 3 other magazine pouches. One in the back pocket is inadequate.

And definitely try out what ever system you choose well before hand.
Agreed. 100%

Especially the prone position with chest rigs.
Nothin' funnier than seeing an overburdened fellow running around rattling like a castanet.
Just a thought.
Which is the point of this thread. I have tried a compact 3 round carrier and can shoot from prone with this system. Two deep (like most system) does not work as well for me. Most of the systems I found do not work for me.

Thus the thread and the question.

I don't need or want to carry a lot of magazines. Two to three extra rifle magazine is all I need for the class. This is training for fun. I will enjoy the class. I hope and pray I will never need the skills I am learning.

I feel that way about CPR/First aid. I am very good at those skills.. I would prefer to never use them again.
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