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Rifle Magazine Carrier

I am hoping someone with a little more experience than myself can help.

I have an upcoming rifle carbine class this fall and I am looking for a convenient method of carrying magazines.

A friend of mine has a light weight harnesses that held 3/6 (the pouches could expand to go 2 deep) magazines in the center of your chest. The straps went over your shoulders, were padded, and crossed in the back. It carried fairly high out of the way of your pistol belt. It did not interfere with arm movement or shouldering your weapon. That what I am looking for.

My Google fu is failing me.

What I am not looking for is a very large LB vest that holds 10-20 magazines, a pistol, pistol magazines, etc.... Everything I find is large and holds way more equipment than I want or need.

I appreciate anyone's suggestions or advice.

If you have taken a carbine class and something other than my idea worked well for you, please let me know.

Thank you.
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