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Snap Cap Training at the Range

Today I went to the shooting range determined to rid myself of my bad habit -- my tendency to anticipate recoil. I used the training method mentioned in TFL and other places where you mix snap cap rounds with live rounds in your magazine.

The results were quite apparent. Of course, we should all know that whether the gun goes bang or whether the gun goes click, the process of shooting should be the same. It wasn't for me. Too many times, when the gun went click, my reaction was to try to resist recoil that wasn't there.

Great drill. I didn't start to get rid of my bad habit until after I fired maybe 60 rounds, and I still had some flinches after that. Hard habit to break.

My strategy going forward is to always include one or a few snap caps in my magazine even after I think I broke my habit. That way, my habit will have a hard time coming back.

Cheers, and happy shooting to all.
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