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I want to be able to have targets set up at the 100, 200 and 300 yard line respectively.
You need to have a berm anywhere you have targets. If you want targets set up at 3 different ranges then you need berms at each of those ranges. Otherwise it's just way too easy to have a ricochet skip over the berm or have a shot miss the berm because the shooter's aiming at a close target from an odd angle.

Example is a range where I used to shoot. It had one berm at 300 yards but a single firing position. If you shot prone at a target set at 100 yards, your shots would go over the 300 yard berm due to the way the angles worked out. IMO, it put too much of a burden on the customers to pay attention and not screw up. Which really means too much liability on the range owner when someone doesn't pay attention and puts a magazine full over the berm.

Another option is to have one berm and target setup area and move the firing line for the different ranges. The problem with that is that everyone using the range has to shoot at the same distance.

Or, the best option is to use an existing significant geographical feature on the property as a berm. The side of a valley, a large hill or mountain. That really opens up your ability to set targets out at different ranges because no one's going to shoot over the berm unless they really work at it.
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